Who am I ~ I AM called Lisana


As an embodied "walk-in" from SoUrce, a high frequency as well as SoUrce codes are transmitted through this body vehicle. My arrival as an emissary was to assist with the delivery of the embodying Divine consciousness. 

The event transpired during the 2012 solstice alignment.                                My arrival was precipitated through a zeropoint field during Christmas eve into Christmas morning, the highest of the Seraphim realm facilitated this five hour delivery through frequencies channeled and transmitted.

After several weeks had transpired I fully integrated and my mission began to reveal.

The first initiative was to connect with the Arkansas crystalline vortex, subsequently placing my possessions into storage as the summoning to Peru, Bolivia and the British Isles ensued. The extraordinary level of travel continued for four years leading up to this most pivotal point in evolution.

An overture of a dynamic range of harmonics, this body vehicle has been a catalyst for ascending cymatics, anchoring in frequencies in many sacred temples, stone circles, bodies of water and high energetic vortexes along the grids of Gaia, assuring the stability of the crystalline grid, in preparation for the rising frequencies of Gaia. The mission was swift, purposeful, focused and intense. There were earth walkers ever present to assist this consciousness that had not known the experience nor mechanics of being in this physical expression. To walk on the earth felt quite challenging at times, as if the instructions did not come with the operation of said vehicle.

As a virgin soul, free of karma, past lives, unattached to the emotional body and ego, one is pure, clear and ascended, a highly empathic luminary. Upon embodiment the identity is released and no longer seeks a human experience or service to self, graced wth activated DNA, with clear connection to SoUrce. These labels are shown only for understanding and by no means intended to be limiting.                                   


     I AM Light of Love ~ Love of Light AM I