Love is



One-ness Consultation

This is your moment to be heard. We shall share through verbal transmission. This consultation is primarily for questions and answers, reflection and Oracle counsel 

*Recommended when unsure of your purpose or commitment to higher embodiment;  Crystalline sound may be introduced

44 minutes. $55.  


Heaven to Earth; The Sacred Marriage, Embodiment

*Through healing sounds of binaural beats, tuning forks, crystalline bowls and geometric soundings

55 minutes. $111


As summoned

*sound only

33 minutes. $55


Integrating both sessions, intuitively uniting both consultation and sound

*oneness consultation and embodiment

88 minutes. $144 (SPECIAL) includes the receiving of a charged herkimer diamond within a vial of sacred water    (International orders add shipping costs)

 Healing = re-membering who you truly are