In the beginning was the Word

and the Word was with God and

the Word was God




Sound is the primordial essence of all creation.

Sound structures geometric shapes, the creation of the Universe - one sound. Sound is the great unifier, operating through the law of resonance.  

Sound frequencies have the ability to change molecular structures with new encoding of information, an ability to change DNA. The study of cymatics prove this to be true, for what is revealed when a frequency is applied and thus increased, the energy capacity also increases. 

Ascension — act of rising up through sound frequency, raising consciousness, embodiment

The cells contain the DNA and their function is based upon a resonant flow of energy. When thought is combined with harmony and vibration this shall attune with coherent wave patterns, the geometrical structure to the system, thus affecting the DNA.

Sound is restoring, harmonizing, balancing and healing. The effects are profound in preparation for soul embodiment.

Healing  the process of making or becoming sound

Utilizing specific tools of sound, while transmitting sacred codes, you will have the promise of pure potential.

* your only limitations are locked within your belief patterns; doubt shuts this process down

Some of the sacred instruments of sound in my repertoire are: 

*Binaural Beat Technology-

Balancing right and left hemispheres, allowing for brainwave entrainment, thus light data can fully encode into the DNA

*Tuning Forks-

432Hz ~ attuned to the cosmic heartbeat, God's note; unifying, healing consciousness

528Hz ~ DNA repair & Love, the third note of the original 6 sacred solfeggio frequencies

128Hz ~ resonates to the perfect 5th, releasing stuck patterns and ultimately liberating stored trauma

DNA Nucleotides ~ series of 4 tuning forks, one for each mid-range C# which resonate to each nucleotide of the DNA, the C# is thought to be the pivot pitch or master tuner      

Pineal Activator ~ frequencies that are specific to facilitate the activation of the 3rd eye, the pineal gland

Crystalline Singing Bowls ~ highly conscious quartz crystal vessels. These beings have travelled to all the sacred sights with me, not only transmitting sound but indeed receiving sacred codes and frequencies. They each have distinct purpose and notes which imbue the anointed one in reception, that be-ing YOU                                            

Sacred Geometric Crystalline Sound ~ the spinning of the Octahedron creates a magical sound of structured resonance, thus entraining the water, the cells and the DNA of the body to activate and receive all of the above sonic orchestration


Zeal Point Opening ~ atuning the "ascension chakra"