Our bodies are composed of

75% water


Does it not resonate that in order to raise our frequency we attune our waters? How best to access our DNA than through the consciousness of water.

The element of water is said to be harmonically tuned to the geometry of hyperspace. It's crystalline structure provides for a perfect conduit for exchanging coherent information between hyperspace and our biological systems.

— water carries energy, information

The tetrahedral shape of a water molecule produces a spin in the structure of space, upholding the complexity of the DNA molecule. Water can transfer frequency patterns/wavelengths to us, because of it's structure. It can pass information on when there exists a resonant factor, resonant wavelengths create order as seen in quartz crystals.

— water is liquid crystal

Based on how the water is structured in our body affects our DNA, not only is our health dependent upon the liquid crystal, so too is our consciousness. Water alone does not conduct electricity, it is the salts, ions which enhance the energy to flow.

Now let's consider cellular memory, perhaps is the real storage for memory, experiential occurrence. Whereas our brain is the mother board while the DNA contains "memories", which are floating in the electrical currents of our waters. Remember water surrounds and contains the nucleotides and atoms and may serve as a conduit for information, the encoding of DNA-memory. 

— water stores and transmits information

The honorable and exalted Dr Masaru Emoto showed us that water holds memory, through countless experiments with thought intention, words, prayer and sound. The formation of the structured water in frozen form speaks for itself.    

Throughout the planet there exists many sacred temples, some are visible, some are not. Our ancient ancestors knew the sacredness of water and honored it throughout these temples. Most often where there were sun temples there were bodies of water, either pools, wells, streams or lakes. From the holy wells in the British Isles to the high temples of Peru and Bolivia our ancestry knew the power of the structured water. 


 sacred water = structured water